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Here are some links to important websites that will help you learn more about chiropractic health care, medical pain management, acupuncture, physical therapy and Pilates.

A focal point of my approach to the management of pain and inflammation focuses on diet. For specific information regarding Diet, Inflammation and Pain go to: Deflame

Evolutionary Medicine, Diet and Fitness, including Paleolithic Diets, are also an important part of controlling inflammation. The foremost authority in this field, in my opinion, is Loren Cordain, Ph.D. Dr. Cordain’s website, ThePaleoDiet includes many scholarly references as well as easy to read resources and books on applying Paleo-princples for daily life, acne and athletes.

Two other excellent resources, with invaluable tips, forums and daily advice and discussions can be found at the following sites:

I also recommend additional reading resources for perspectives on how the basic biological and social principles that have shaped us as humans lead to health problems when we ignore them. Although I disagree with many of these authors’ conclusions, their respective insights in this field are important.