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The goal of your first visit is to determine what is wrong with your body (diagnosis) and what can help you to get better (treatment). The following example is what to expect in a typical consultation and follow-up with Dr. Russell. Your experience will vary if you choose to see another doctor, physical therapist or acupuncturist.

After you complete a brief, written, health questionnaire, Dr. Russell will take a more detailed history and physically examine you. The history and examination are necessary to decide if you are likely to benefit from treatment, if special tests (such as x-rays, MRIs or lab studies) are needed or if you need to see another doctor or seek different treatment. If Dr. Russell believes you qualify for care, he will prescribe treatment that usually includes chiropractic spinal adjustments. Self-care, including exercises for flexibility, strength and stability are almost always recommended. Therapy (such as heat, cold, traction, low level [cold] laser, electrical stimulation or Kinesiotape) may be advised. Some patients require instruction in proper body mechanics to overcome pain and get well. How people walk and move can contribute to persistent pain and corrective measures may need considered. Dietary factors frequently play a role in healing as does stress management. If appropriate, recommendations for correcting problems in these areas will be made.

Treatment Planning

Dr. Russell will discuss his conclusions with you once the examination has been completed. A Recommended Plan of Action will be made. Treatment may begin immediately but if further testing (such as x-ray, MRI or lab studies) is required, care may need to wait until testing is completed. Treatment options, such as physical therapy, acupuncture or medical Pain Management, are often considered at this time as well.

What About Follow-up Visits?

Chiropractic care is a process, not an event. In other words, although it is common for patients to experience some immediate improvement when treatment starts, you can expect to improve and regain your health with a sequence or series of follow-up treatments. You may reach your health goals in a short period of time. In fact, unless your complaints were caused by trauma, the course of care may be as brief as 5 to 10 visits. The unique, Non-Surgical Disc Recovery Program, usually requires 10 to 25 visits. Similarly, The Fibromyalgia Relief Program is typically 20 visits and is done in conjunction with Viva Pilates Studio. Of course, every person is different and recovery times vary. Rapid improvement is always one of Dr. Russell’s goals.