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Are You In Pain Because of What You Eat?

I cannot count how many times I have been told by long-suffering patients, “I will do anything to get rid of this pain!” There is a simple solution that can decrease persistent pain that is as close as your kitchen. Instead of taking pain relieving, anti-inflammatory drugs to get through the day (aspirin, Motrin, Aleeve, Celebrex and the like) you can eat in a way that is informed and guided by your body’s natural design. 

For 99% of the time humans have walked the earth, we have eaten mostly plants (vegetables and fruit) and animals that ate vegetation. This is often described as a Paleolithic or Paleo Diet or even a Caveman Diet.  It is a way of eating that takes into account how your genes were designed to operate a healthy body.  Our owner’s manual, as I like to call it, is pretty straight forward. In some chronic health conditions, targeted functional medical testing is necessary to help guide dietary advice and taking a limited number of appropriate supplements may be helpful in overcoming pain and injury. Boiled down to its most basic level, eating in a manner consistent with our genetic design is critical to promoting a pain free, anti-inflammatory state. Boiled down to its most basic level, eating in this manner is critical to promoting a pain free, anti-inflammatory state.   

As part of my comprehensive approach to managing chronic pain, I use the Paleo Diet as my guiding principle.  Not every patient I see will be interested in making the commitment to follow the Paleo Diet and I have no interest in forcing the issue.  I am, however, enthusiastically convinced that it is a concept that is worth sharing.  Keep in mind that every time you eat, you are making a choice of foods that are either anti-inflammatory or pro-inflammatory.  I encourage you to feed your body as few inflammatory foods as possible. 

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