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The professional staff at Beach Physical Therapy includes a team of Licensed Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants and Occupational Therapists. Beach Physical Therapy is the preferred choice for over three hundred medical physicians in the Long Beach area.  When the doctors’ patients need physical therapy, Beach is where they refer them.  In addition to providing traditional physical therapy, Beach Physical Therapy coordinates its efforts with the medical physicians, chiropractors and acupuncturist who share the facility.  This unique arrangement is unparalleled in the Long Beach area.  Beach Physical Therapy offers patients a scope of care and level of expertise in managing difficult problems that cannot be matched by any other facility in the region.

The physical therapy staff work with patients to eliminate or control pain, improve mobility and teach them how to care for themselves once therapy has ended. They use a variety of treatment options including graduated-weight medicine balls and Swiss Balls.  They also use computerized strength training for the spine using the MedX system. The therapists develop comprehensive home exercise programs geared towards bringing patients back to pre-injury levels of function. The staff works with patients one-on-one in the beginning of treatment until their patients are able to perform exercises independently.  

PoolOne of the unique programs Beach Physical Therapy offers is Aqua (Pool) Therapy.  Aqua Therapy provides patients with an opportunity to receive treatment in a reduced gravity state.  Aqua Therapy can be used as with or instead of traditional physical therapy.  Patients with orthopedic or neurological problems, arthritis, chronic pain, impaired motor control or muscle weakness and post-operative surgery find Aqua Therapy beneficial, especially when traditional land-based therapy is not appropriate.      

Beach Physical Therapy can help non-surgical conditions such as:

Some of the post-surgical conditions Beach Physical Therapy works with include:

Regardless of why you need physical therapy, the staff of Beach Physical Therapy is dedicated to comprehensive, cost-effective treatment of both post-injury and post-surgical conditions for adults and children 11 years and older.