There is no other health care group in the Long Beach area that offers all the services
or programs we do.

When you step through the doors of our facility, you will see that we are a team of chiropractic doctors, medical physicians, physical therapists and an acupuncturist. In addition to our individual practices, we operate a multi-specialty program for the
treatment of chronic pain. If one type of care is not the best approach for you or if different types of treatment need to be combined, we will coordinate our efforts with another one of our team members or, if you choose, with your primary care physician or other health care provider.

We consider ourselves musculoskeletal specialists and rely strongly upon evidence based treatment and diagnostic protocols. Our practice is unique as we embrace a holistic model of health care which includes general lifestyle approaches and teaching patients how to best manage their own health care needs. We do not want our patients to become dependent on us or any other medical providers so we educate our patients how to manage, reduce and, if possible, eliminate complaints with their own resources.

It is the careful selection and successful blending of the best diagnostic and treatment procedures plus self-care and lifestyle advice that lends itself to the best clinical outcomes.

No single approach is successful for all people and all problems. We will work with you to find the best solution or combination of solutions for your needs.